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Pride Month – 3 Ways To Celebrate Pride or Any Cause

It’s PRIDE month! Some of us choose to celebrate because we’re part of the LGBTQ community. Some celebrate because someone they love is a part of the community and some choose not to celebrate. While I’m taking the time to publish this during PRIDE month, it has more to do with knowing your clients in general and how to reach them.

I’ll be the first to tell you: If it’s not genuine, don’t do it. What do I mean? If your spa isn’t a proudly LGBTQ friendly spa, please don’t promote as one simply to get money. It will backfire and could potentially cause a public relations nightmare for you. In addition to that, any time I try to be something I’m not, it shows. Just because this isn’t your thing doesn’t mean you can’t have your own cause!

All of the Below suggestions can be used for your cause just as easily as it can for PRIDE month. Just remember, when you’re passionate about something – it shows. Tell stories about why your cause is important to you and you’ll connect with your audience! For statistics on the LGBTQ community and their brand loyalty, check out JennTGrace’s article.

Something Tangible To Take Home

We all know that vendors are (mostly) more than happy to send trial size products to get it in the hands of your clients. Use that to your advantage! Create goodie bags to every LGBTQ couple or supporter that books with you. How will you know if they’re LGBTQ? Run a Facebook ad and have them use code LGBTQ when booking online or over the phone. When they come in, have their PRIDE bag, full of goodies, ready to take home. I love these rainbow ombre bags by Oriental Trading. Add in a printed rainbow shirt with your brand’s name printed on the front or back. More (nearly) free marketing for every person who sees your brand!

Work With Other Businesses Equally As Passionate As You

There’s nothing like teamwork to make the dream work. Find a business that is willing to team up with you. Do cross promoting on social media for the month of June (or whatever month your cause is in.) If it’s a hair salon and your spa doesn’t offer hair services, maybe you include a “free gift with service” coupon to  your clients and make the coupon PRIDE themed.

Your business partnerships don’t have to be other businesses in the spa industry. They can be restaurants, floral shops, bakeries and more. Maybe even coordinate to include some of their goodies in your gift bags mentioned above!

Find Organizations to Donate a Percentage of Proceeds

One of the best ways to support a cause you’re passionate about is to support it monetarily. Let your audience know through email marketing, social media posts and social media ads that you’ll be donating XX% of each service to a specific organization. In today’s climate – people are leery of donating because they don’t actually see their money being handed over to that organization. Give people a specific date that you will send out an email stating exactly how much was donated and maybe even a picture or video of a representative from your spa handing the check over. It’s just one more way to earn your potential client’s trust.

No matter what cause is near and dear to you, I recommend integrating it into your spa marketing. Letting your audience and clients know who you are and what you’re passionate about shows your humanity – and let’s be honest. We all eat that up!

UCT (United Commercial Travelers) compiled a list of monthly causes. Find your cause or causes and celebrate them or fundraise for them with pride!

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