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Equipment and Product Selection

JMPankey Partners knows how important the right equipment and products are for your business. Our proven network has saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars and hours of headache. We have done the research, negotiated pricing, and formed partnerships so it’s easy for you to gain access to the very best our industry has to offer. We can detail out the best brand partnerships that align to your spa’s vision.

Competitive Market Analysis

Would you buy a house without a home inspection? No, neither should you operate your business and not know your competition! A competitive market analysis provides actionable data that helps you develop business strategies, identify opportunities and weakness in your own business and competitors, and re-position your business as needed. Since the market changes year over year, this data is essential for helping you learn how your business compares. Be ahead of your competition, be better.

Menu/ Service Analysis and Update

Your spa services are your business, but are they aligned to your retail program and branding message? When is the last time you took a hard look at what services you are selling? JMPankey Partners will review your menu, services and reports giving recommendations for an updated menu and service platform.

Compensation Assessment

If you feel your spa compensation and payroll are not aligning to your business goals, JMPankey Partners can help. We look at your compensation program and last two months of payroll in order to analyze and make recommendations. There are many factors that contribute to your payroll being high and we can give you strategies to get back on track.

Secret Shoppers for Success

Secret shopping is the best quality control method to make sure your business vision is being met. JMPankey Partners will mystery shop and issue a report on findings. Secret shopping is a great tool to objectively measure quality and consistency of service and treatment.

Treatment Menu Design

Are you looking to write a treatment/service menu that is true to your business vision and will attract customers? JMPankey Partners has created menus for hundreds of spas and salons, including internationally rated five star resorts.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Not sure how to create an effective annual marketing plan? We will help you determine measurable, realistic goals and then develop actionable strategies to help you reach them. Our plans are practical and easy-to-use with metrics built in for measuring success.

Standard Operating Procedures Manual with Employee Handbook

A sports team would not operate without a playbook, nor should your business. With our customizable SOP Manual and Employee Handbook, your business policies are detailed out for all staff and management. Some of the areas addressed are company policies and procedures, workplace commitments, work performance, discipline, termination and health and safety.  Create consistency in all aspects of your business for long term stability and success.

Employee Satisfaction & Engagement

Happy employees make a happy and successful business. JMPankey Partners will survey your employees about their job satisfaction. All results are sent to you with recommendations and strategies to keep your employees happily engaged.

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