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Declutter your spa NOW!

Spring has sprung!  And whether or not you are allowed back in your Spa or are still waiting, it’s a GREAT time to refresh and renew the space. Not allowed back in yet?  PLAN and PURCHASE! Plan your method of attack once those doors are allowed to be pried open, and purchase different organization tools that will help you keep your space looking tidy!

Just like our homes, our businesses can get filled with clutter. Clutter can literally bog us down in our thinking and how we operate. More than ever now, I know you know that feeling: when the day-to-day takes over and we are swimming in laundry, unopened mail, a dishwasher to unload, and the list continues. The same is true in our business operations. We are overwhelmed with our to-do list and housekeeping tasks can take a back seat, resulting in disorganization and clutter. 

Here is a simple plan filled with spa best practices for conquering the clutter – and keeping it in check:

1. Start with the Common Areas

Look at your refreshment station, is it stocked and systematized? If not, stock and organize. We are in Spring, and heading right into Summer, so make sure your treats and drink choices reflect the season!

In light of new precautions and regulations here are a few options you might want to think about; 

  • Sanitize Stations in any areas where people might be waiting 
  • Throwing out all magazines/communal literature 
  • Not providing a waiting area, is it a reasonable task to have clients go right back to the room/station? 
  • If waiting chairs are necessary, spacing them apart to the best of your ability.  
  • Go through closets/coat racks and donate and discard items left behind by clients.

I know some of these adjustments might make you cringe, however, the safety of you, your team, and your clients is MOST important.  And I know your clients will appreciate the details!

2. Front Desk

The front desk is the command center of your business and should look efficient and organized. Make a system and throw out anything that does not belong. Any notes or Post-its should be typed up and put in a sleeve, or make a spa communication book. Be the client; they should not see a mess behind or on top of your desk. Buy organizers or a filing system if you need them. When everything has a place, the whole team is more efficient and feels more productive. Dust, polish and clean it.

3. Treatment Rooms

Take one treatment room at a time. Start at the top and move to the bottom. Take a visual picture; personal items should not be seen. Go through backbar products and discard any products that are expired or do not belong. There should not be any brands that you do not use in your treatments or have available for sale in your retail area. Look at your linens – are they clean and stain free? If not, time to throw out and start again. Go through all cabinets and systematize disposables, oils and products. Use a label machine to indicate where things should live.

4. Dispensary/Storage Areas

Whether you are in a spa or salon, the dispensary can be a thorn in your side. They are high use and can be a nightmare. Filled with products, equipment and linens, the dispensary needs to be a streamlined and systematized space. Often dispensaries are small, resulting in a cluttered mess. Tackle this area during non-business time and ask a couple of staff members to join. Start by removing any old equipment you don’t use or need. Then remove old product lines and backbar. Donate, sell or give to staff. Don’t hold on to product because it cost you money or you might use it one day; it’s just a space waster. If you don’t have proper storage, IKEA, The Container Store and Target all have affordable, well-designed shelving and organizational systems. Get your dispensary running like a well-oiled machine and your staff with thank you.

Rule of Thumb:

Don’t put anything in your dispensary that you do not use in your treatments.


5. Laundry/Break Room

These areas can be a huge violator of the ‘just say no to clutter’ rule. You need to assess, discard and replace. Is there space for everything? Make signs for staff or write up instructions. Put up a communication board. Clean out the fridge and any other storage areas. Make sure that there is an area for the staff’s personal items; it should not be in the treatment room. Purchase a new coffee maker, trash can or table if need be. If it looks like a mess, people will treat it as such.

6. Retail

This is one of the most important areas in your business. Take a picture with your phone and study it. What does it communicate to you? Is it inviting, clean, easy to navigate? If not, time to get to work. Create a plan for your spa retail space that includes dusting and re-merchandising. Create shelf talkers and be sure that all products have the price on them. Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than having to ask that question. Re-merchandise your retail space on a monthly basis.  Be sure to add enough sanitizing stations near your retail area as well! 

Cleaning and taking time to declutter your spa seems like common sense, but we can let it get away from us. Daily walkthroughs of your operation can help mitigate these issues. Create a task list or check list for each area of your spa and incorporate them into your standard operating procedures. The upfront work you put into writing these procedures will be well worth it.

Happy Cleaning! Until Next Time Xx Julie

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