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Hindsight Is 20/20 - Webinar Series

Want to know what my team and I do, as spa consultants?  NOW is your chance.  Join us on this journey, each week we will feature Global Industry Experts who will speak on topics and challenges that we cover everyday with our consulting clients! Trust me this series will be packed with value bombs you need not only NOW, but in the future.  One thing we all learned in Q1 of 2020 is you need to be prepared!  

Hindsight is always 2020, but it’s NEVER too late to work ON your business!


*You must pre-register for each webinar you would like to attend! After you register you will be invited to join our FREE industry community – SpaHive! Can’t make the webinar in real-time?  We get it, we ask that you register for the webinar anyways, so we can provide you with the instructions on how to access the recording after. 

Upcoming Episodes

Series 2 – Episode 1

Strengthen Your Team Series -Hiring for Keeps!

Whether you are hiring 1 or 20, you want to make your time worth it!  Join Julie Pankey and hiring guru Karen Smegal Butler from Hutchinson Consulting as they go through some tips and tricks to streamline and manage your hiring process for long term success.

June 8th 3:00 PM EST

Series 2 – Episode 2

Strengthen Your Team Series-Secrets to Motivating and Inspiring A Team for Success

Well-established, or brand new… you need to continue to reinvent, and polish how you inspire your team! Get inspired to Inspire as Julie Pankey interviews Denise Fuller, long time spa industry veteran and Founder of NASNPRO. 

June 15th 3:00 PM EST

Series 2 – Episode 3

Strengthen Your Team Series- Retention, how to keep the Rock-stars!

“They Poached My Talent”… No they didn’t, you did not retain the Rockstar. So how do we keep the good, and lose the “bad”. Julie Pankey and her star guest will be answering just that!

June 22nd 3:00 PM EST

Series 3 – Episode 1

Marketing Strategies That Work – Linkedin/Twitter/Pinterest

All Social Media is not created equally.  Strategies you need to know now about using LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest to boost brand exposure.

June 29nd 3:00 PM EST

Series 3 – Episode 2

Marketing Strategies That Work – Facebook Marketing

Facebook isn’t new and neither is the idea that every business needs a Facebook Presence.  Building an authentic relationship without ever being spammy or annoying. 

July 6th 3:00 PM EST

Series 3 – Episode 3

Marketing Strategies That Work – Instagram Deep Dive

Learn leading content strategies that work to humanize your business, recruit new talent, showcase products, and inspire your audience. Learn how to measure the metrics that matter.

July 13th 3:00 PM EST

Series 3 – Episode 4

Marketing Strategies That Work – Old School Marketing Still Works

Ever hear the phrase “everything old is new again”?  The foundation of any relationship is about communication, learn how to use old school marketing methods with an effective digital strategy to create a memorable brand. 

July 20th 3:00 PM EST

Past Events

Series 1 – Episode 3

Expenses Within Your Control: Supply Vendors Talk Consumables

Is an ethical, straight-shooting, helpful supply company the missing link in your shiny expenses chain?  Let’s talk about consumables and what you should be looking for when working with supply vendors. Julie Pankey moderates a dynamic conversation between Darnell Wise with Universal Companies and Damian Ferris with Bodywork Mall. 

June 1st 3:00 PM EST

Series 1 – Episode 2

Expenses Within Your Control: A Look at How Compensation Affects Your Bottom Line

Team-based, Straight Commission, maybe a hybrid?! It’s time you stepped out of the old and into the new or at least become familiar with the vast array of different compensation structures. Join Julie Pankey as she moderates the panel of expert spa operators and has a candid discussion about compensation.

May 26th 3:00 PM EST

Series 1 – Episode 1

Expenses Within Your Control: Let’s Start with Behind the Scenes

Overuse, Overmanaged, or Maybe Underuse, Undermanaged… I have seen and heard it all.  Let’s talk how we determine cost per service and ways to streamline your back bar expenses. Join Julie Pankey with Nina Balan and Betty Loiacono as we dive deep.

May 18th 3:00 PM EST

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