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How to pick the right CBD Brand for your Property

This week we are doing something different!  We have invited an EXPERT to speak on a HOT TOPIC.  Ashley Reynolds, President and Co-Founder of Elmore Mountain Therapeutics, will be talking about how to pick the right CBD brand for your property! So here is the scoop on Ashley: Ashley and her husband Colin established EMT in May of 2017 after Ashley’s personal struggle with postpartum anxiety. Finding relief with the use of CBD, Ashley saw a need for advocating for all, but especially for women and mothers, to use CBD through empowering them with education and high-quality CBD products. The Reynolds’ company mission is to operate their business at the intersection of well being, economic development, social justice, and environmental sustainability.  Now let’s get started!

Being a CBD Vendor and also a personal CBD advocate, I can’t emphasize enough: a carefully chosen CBD brand endorsement involves time, commitment, and a serious vetting program.  You may think you’ll just choose the CBD version of a brand you already work with, or the cheapest CBD brand you can get.

I wish it was that easy. But the truth is, not all CBD is created equal.

We know there is increasing interest around CBD and all things CBD infused. But what’s really behind the CBD value-added product?

Here are the top 10 questions to ask you potential CBD vendor:

(Pro tip: your potential CBD brand should be able to answer ALL of these questions and provide PROOF!!!!!!)

1. How long has the brand been in business?
2. Can you provide proof of insurance?
3. What quality assurance do you have?

Pro Tip – This is a particularly important question, as quality assurance is not currently required by the federal government. Therefore, it’s up to the morals of the CBD brand to provide COA’s for potency (verification of amount of milligrams of CBD as well as, and perhaps more importantly, what is the THC content in said CBD products.) Purity COA’s are important to determine if there are impurities in your CBD. For example: heavy metals (lead), herbicides, and/or pesticides.

4. How easy is it to access COA’s.

Pro Tip – this should be easy to access on the brand’s website. Top of the landing page is great. It shows that “This brand has nothing to hide.”

IF COA’s are nonexistent or buried at the bottom of their website, I’d be suspicious.

5. Where is the CBD sourced?
6. Was it grown in the United States?
7. Was it extracted in the US? What extraction method?

Pro Tip – Co2 extraction is the Gold Standard for extraction. It offers low heat and high pressure technology to preserve the most delicate compounds of the hemp plant. This extraction method can also offer the purest and highest concentrated extracts. However, if there are impurities in the hemp, those impurities will also become highly concentrated with this extraction method. What this means to you, the super-critical CO2 extraction process is just another way to insure quality assurance. You can’t hide impurities with this method

8.  Is the CBD full spectrum or isolate?

Pro Tip – Full spectrum CBD includes CBD and THC under .3%. This .3% is a federal guideline for the cannabis industry.
(Again, the importance of testing)
THC improved the long term efficacy of CBD. In the cannabis industry this is referred to as the “Entourage Effect.”

Isolate is just like what it sounds like. CBD is the ONLY compound in an Isolate product. Countless research has been conducted to conclude that isolate CBD products have a 6 week bell curve for efficiency. Meaning, how well the CBD works, will start to decline. This is NOT the case in Full spectrum products.

9. How are the CBD products stored? In light-blocking bottles? Childproof caps?

10. Do the labels of the CBD products comply with my insurance company?

Speaking from recent experience, although properties insurance policies are allowing the sale and use of CBD, stiffer labeling requirements are being issued by insurance companies.  Also, you will want to check out your state and local regulations and make sure you are up to date.  Things are changing every day in the CBD world!

Great, you’ve found your brand that meets all your requirements, now what? You want to make sure this will be a long-time partnership and friendship! Just because you love the product doesn’t always translate to them being a great vendor partner. Check out Julie’s previous blog: How To Make Your Spa And Vendor Partnership GREAT!

Almost ready to launch?!

Now that you have all your ducks in a row, what is the mission of the brand? How can this CBD brand help build brand awareness to your own spa brand? You get 10 points for bringing CBD into your spa, but how are you going to market this new brand? What can and can’t you say on social media when promoting these new CBD services?

Trust me – you’re going to have clients who are self-proclaimed “canna-connoisseurs” that will ask “why did you choose this brand.” You want to be able to confidently answer: “We choose this brand because we align with their mission, we care about quality assurance, and we understand there is a lot to still be learned in the world of CBD. We trust that whatever regulation or requirements come our way, that we are 100% supported by this brand.”

Now that you have the tools to create a strong vetting program, you’ll be inspired by the brands choosing morals over millions. Join Ashley Reynolds for a unique panel discussion on CBD on 3/16 at Foxwoods 3-6pm. You’re sure to learn some tips and tools to create a strong vetting program for your Spa or Inn, also we will dissect local and state regulations.  Learn more about this upcoming event HERE.  

Want more info now on Ashley Reynolds check out her 2019 TedTalk “Cannabis-A Future without Stigma”   

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