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Starting A Blog for Your Spa – Best Tips and Where to Start

In this crazy time, maybe you have found yourself asking – how am I going to stay connected to my clients?!  My clients, who have given so much to me – how can I give back to them?  Many businesses large and small are starting to invest time and energy into a blog. Depending on the industry, subject matter may vary. Across all business sectors, however, the results point to real growth for businesses using blogs. 

Blogs help business owners connect with customers and reach new patrons through search engine marketing. For a spa owner, a blog can accomplish all that and much more.

Reasons to Start a Blog for a Spa

Spas are a popular place for people to wind down, practice self-care, and receive treatments and services to benefit physical and mental health. A blog can be the perfect way to maximize a spa’s reach and help bring in new customers. 

Answer Questions for Potential Customers

A customer searching for a spa might not know much about its services or treatments. In those cases, the only thing stopping them from making an appointment is uncertainty and unawareness. A spa blog can be the perfect way to answer these questions for site visitors and help introduce them to key topics and services in the spa industry. Blog posts on the benefits of a service or treatment might even help address a visitor’s concerns and convince them it’s time to make an appointment.

Build a Better Connection with Guests

When customers come into a spa, the experience is highly interactive and intimate. A blog might not be able to replace that face-to-face experience that makes so many spas successful, but it can help to build a better connection with guests. Writing conversational and friendly blog posts can help customers get to know you, increasing comfortability and approachability for a richer spa experience.

Highlight Featured Products and Partnerships

Many spas develop a relationship with vendors to offer featured products for a premier spa experience. Blog posts on these products can be a great way to highlight what makes your spa so effective and enjoyable. It’s also a favorable way to show love to your vendors, some of which might even offer deals for blog product reviews and web content. 

Increase Your Ranking On Search Engines

Writing blogs with keywords associated with spa treatments and businesses can help your website show up higher on Google and Bing. Organic searches are often more than 50% of a business’ web traffic, and keywords inserted into blogs can help show Google your site is worth putting ahead of the competition on search results pages.

Where to Start with a Spa Blog

If you’ve never written a blog before, let alone for a business, it can be difficult figuring out where to start. Luckily, you can begin with what you know best and still write effective content for readers and customers.  I would start with a total brain dump.  Think to yourself what are the top 20 questions you get asked from clients.  BINGO, now you have 20 topics that you KNOW you can write bout. 

Give people what they want!

Now that you have your list, where do you start?! A great place to start with a new spa blog is to think about what people want, right now!  So what do people want? I always say the best way to figure that out is to ASK.  Why not try an Instagram or Facebook poll and ask your followers and guests by giving them 3 options (that you KNOW you can write about) and have them pick their fav?! Not only do you get your answer, but you are engaging your community! WIN-WIN!!  Let’s face it – you don’t want to spend your time writing about the new piece of technology you just bought for the spa when what they really want to hear is the difference between natural vs organic… and that really matters!

Boost Your Spa’s Online Presence

A blog helps to boost a spa’s online search rankings, grow customer satisfaction, and highlight premier elements of your business. Start a blog today and begin growing the ways in which your spa serves its clients and guests!  Until next time!  Stay Well Friends! Xx Julie

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