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Time for a good Social Media Spring Cleaning!

When is the last time that you paid close attention to your social media efforts, beyond posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? 

The months go on, with daily postings of blogs, photos, and videos, and we lose sight of some of the housekeeping that should be done to keep our spa social media brand updated. Let’s face it, social media is fun and easily accessible, but it takes work, time and money. You mind find yourself with some extra time on your hands right now and spring is the perfect time to drill down in your social media and cast off what’s not working and grow what is.

There are some general best practices that should be executed on an annual basis (at least) in regards to your social media presence.

General Housekeeping:

  • Look at all your social media channels and ask “Do I need this channel?” Nothing is more unprofessional than someone visiting your Twitter account or Facebook page and the last time you posted anything was years ago. The message that you send is that your business isn’t important.
  • How relevant are the channels to your spa business? Different platforms have different audiences. Don’t spend your time/energy on ones that do not bring in your clients. 
  • Pick 2-3 channels that you will commit to posting on a regular schedule. If it’s posting 4x a day on Twitter and 2x a day on Facebook, make it happen. If you do not have the time, hire someone. Consistency is what you are striving for. Can’t imagine posting that regularly? The great thing is now you can spend the time to outline content/theme days and even schedule your posts!  Facebook has a free scheduler built right into your page insights! 
  • Align your social media channels to your marketing goals and leverage the opportunity within each channel. Use Facebook advertising or push promotions through Instagram – that is what they are there for! Pro Tip- Start out with a small dollar amount, and target your audience!  
  • Is the social media mix you have chosen worth your time? Does it attract new spa clients? Using Google Analytics/Facebook Insights/Instagram Insights is a great way to measure your social media impact.

Now that you have mused over those questions, and developed your answers, let’s GET TO WORK!

Action Steps:

  • Scope out what inspires you:  I don’t like using the word competition, so I won’t 🙂 But take some time to click around on pages/profiles that you are inspired by.  DO NOT COPY THEM- but think what is it that draws your attention. Is it the pictures, the witty captions, the aesthic…? Keep those elements in mind as you create content. 
  • Change Your Passwords: Best practice is that you change your social media passwords on an annual basis. It protects your accounts from hackers. CEO of Hootsuite, Ryan Holmes, states: “Consider implementing a password management solution, like LastPass or KeePass to store, distribute, and manage your organization’s secrets. These systems let you and your team share passwords without actually making them visible.”
  • Cover the Basics: Visit all your social media channels and make sure that all your company information is correct (hours of operation, phone, email, add social media follow links where needed…). Update your company profiles with newer information.
  • Image Refresh: Change your company pictures and profile descriptions. Don’t let your image look old, keep things fresh and current with a new image. Change backgrounds and profile pictures as well as delete images from Facebook/Twitter that are old and have no relevance.  
  • Consistency: Your logos, colors, and overall message should be consistent.  However, I am not a believer in one post for ALL! Some posts are better on certain platforms.  
  • Administrative: Who has access to your accounts? Maybe an employee that is no longer with you? Look at all the administrative access/permission to your channels to protect your business, remove and edit as needed.

These exercises should not take much time, and you should think of them as business insurance. Maintaining your brand online and in your spa is a continuous effort that requires time and energy. If you do not have time or ability, reach out to a specialist that can help! 

Good luck and happy cleaning! 

Until Next Time, Xx Julie.

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