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Travel hacks for 2020!

It seems every year I vow to travel less but then I end up traveling more.  The one thing is, my trips are much more meaningful and strategic now.  I have been traveling to our nation’s capital every six weeks and on my way back in December I decided it might be nice to share with you a few of my favorite travel hacks/tricks.  I am not going to share the obvious but instead, the real secrets that I have learned that I think might benefit your travel adventures too.I never check a bag; that is not a hack but a fact.  I don’t care how long the trip is…I do not check in a bag. Marie Condo saved me with her packing video.  I am telling you, there is no better way to pack…forget rolling. Now, onto some of my favorite hacks!

1. Toiletry bag READY TO GO

It is extremely time-consuming to pack a toiletry bag and if you’re like me, I’d wait to the last minute and then forget something, causing me to have to make a side trip to a store either on my way to the airport or once I reach my destination.  This is why I have a toiletry bag stocked and ready at all times with duplicates of everything that I use.  Now, I never have to pack a toiletry bag – it’s just “grab and go!” My favorite toiletry bag has removable pouches and hangs. Check it out!

Pro Tip – use a few little contact lens cases to pump in your favorite cream, eye cream, foundation.  Super Space saver.  I read about this little hack years ago, and it saves me every time! 

2. Gadgets that are WORTH it!

I am a gadget person.  So a few travel gadgets that make traveling easier are a travel humidifier. I have two.  I like the options that plugin rather than run on batteries.  I do not diffuse anything, just straight up moisture.  I find this helps me from getting sick while traveling too.  The other gadget I like to travel with, other than the obvious noise-canceling headphones, is a sound machine.  I will use an app on my phone if I cannot bring my sound machine but it is so portable and the best feature is the sound is non-looping, so it doesn’t make you crazy trying to figure out the rhythm and where the loop starts and stops.  (Don’t sound surprised, I know you have just a touch of OCD too).

3.  Bring Cozy with You!

As you can tell, I like to make my room super cozy.  One of my favorite hacks that I just discovered last year is how to make my room smell amazing.  I used to brew an abnormal amount of coffee in my hotel rooms to make them smell better. The housekeepers must have thought I was bouncing off the walls.  Funny, I don’t even drink coffee. But now, I travel with my clay diffusing stones from Blooming Light.  I just take the stones in their carrying case, put one single drop of my favorite Blooming Light essential oil blend on each stone, close up the case, pack it in my suitcase and when I get to my destination, I build little pyramids around my room with the stones.  Your room never smelled so good and your oil can be targeted to your desired mood.  I generally travel with “peaceful”  but you may choose to travel with “clarity” or “confidence”  THERE IS NO WRONG CHOICE.  Oh, and an added benefit, everything in my suitcase smells amazing too.  Just a light scent escapes the case, enough to be pleasant and not overpowering. 

4. Make that Airline work for you!

A few other travel hacks I love are getting a credit card that will give you status.  I use it as a business card along with my Disney Card so I can earn valuable benefits and rewards as well as status at hotels and airlines.  I am planning to use all those benefits and rewards towards another big Disney Trip planned in 2021.

If we are talking about airplanes, always be willing to give up your seat when you can.  I try not to travel on a super tight schedule so that if the airline is asking for volunteers I can jump on it.  That travel voucher is worth it if you can spare the time.  Hold out for the nest offer!  My husband and I are flying first-class round trip to New Mexico thanks to American Airlines Travel Vouchers.  Plus we both have status.  Win/Win.

Pro Tip – If you are traveling with another person, always choose the window and aisle seat…you have a better chance of not having a middle seat traveler.  If you do, because airlines are cramming us in these days, just switch and they will think they hit the lottery!

5. Safety First

A few quick warnings and safety hacks, first – I never charge my phone at the airport and never, never use a public USB charging station.  “Plugging into a public USB port is kind of like finding a toothbrush on the side of the road and deciding to stick it in your mouth,” states Caleb Barlow, vice-president of X-Force Threat Intelligence at IBM Security, “You have no idea where that thing has been.” Learn more!

AND I always travel with a safety whistle and RFID blocking card in my wallet. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device. This cringe-worthy little device can read and collect your account information and personal data right through your wallet!

I have learned over the years that making travel a pleasurable experience will minimize the feelings of stress and homesickness so that you can be at your sparking best.  Until next time!

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